Dwór Wilkowice

Wilkowice Wine

Every effort we undertake to deliver truly special wines is underscored by a steadfast belief; that when done right, we are but merely loyal to the experience of wine and its place, which offers to bring us closer to the transcendental.



42 Homegrown Varieties

The vineyards of Dwor Wilkowice, situated in the moraine hills of central Poland, have been cultivating 42 distinct varieties of grapes since 2009. Each individual variety has been meticulously selected for its exceptional taste, later to be chosen towards our reserved collection on offer. 

We dedicate ourselves to Vintage, and so a portion of our yearly harvest is retained in the cellars of Wilkowice Hall. 

A climate to match

The locality of Wilkowice is the country's most sun-blessed region. 

Naturally, the grapes prosper thanks to the microclimate and Wilkowice delivers. 

The documented 13 seasons continue to perplex the eonologists. 




Clusters of choice

The hand-picking and sorting of each grape cluster pays respects to the traditions of winemaking and excels the quality of the final produce, only for such efforts to be matched with specifically paired strains of French yeast.

In tune with nature

Our practice ensures ecological verity to respect the most significant factor behind the unforgettable experience of our wines: the process of fermentation. 

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Our winemaking process rests upon dedication to craftsmanship. We produce wines exclusively from our own cultivated grapevines, and ensure each step to be handcrafted: from the very start to the very finish.

An organic process

A passion for winemaking that is harmonised to the energies going into the processing stage, where impeccable quality is ensured with the very best technology offered by modern solutions.


Experience Wilkowice Wine


wino czerwone.png

Dwor Wilkowice Red, 2016

PRODUCT: A dry red wine produced from Rondo and Leon Millot grapes cultivated in a Polish vineyard situated in Central Poland

INNOVATION: arrangement of the wine’s profile to complement dishes of traditional Polish cuisine

CHARACTERISTICS: dense, heavier, darkly coloured, full of tannins and minerals

PRODUCTION: handcrafted with natural clarification process without filtration

PRIMO: A lighter one with the most intense of reds, with aroma of cherry and blackcurrant, delivering with a favourite fruity bouquet 

SECUNDO: A dense offering approaching dark cherry, only to beautifully contrast with freshly picked cherry in aroma. The detectable tanning makes it for an ideal accompaniment to roast meats or rich stews.  

Dwor Wilkowice White, 2016

PRIMO: A fresh regional white whose defined acidity rewards on a hot summer's eve. To be served chilled, with a possibility to add some water to make for a personal experience. 


SECUNDO: Transparency manifest that presents the hints of delicate flowers and subtle peach, working towards a theme: delicate. 


TERTIO: A lively one, that is crisp and subtle in its sweetness to fulfil the space freed by low acidity; a bodied impression. 

wino biale.png

wino likierowe.png

Dwor Wilkowice Liqueur Wine, 2015

PRIMO: A light gold that offers a window to delight in aromatic flowers. The freshness of flowers like no other. 


SECUNDO: A trifecta: it is gold, it invigorates the senses with sun-soaked meadows, and sublimes into a bouquet of sweet fruits.